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The DK Project

Oct 11, 2021


Lidia Porto, a Colombian descent movie and tv actress, visits DK Project to talk about her working in the movie industry, movies that she took part in, having a significant role, and having to love her job as a whole. Porto started taking an interest in becoming an actress and working in...

Sep 29, 2021



Have you experienced traveling and after a while, your suitcase got lost? It sounds dense but Darren did! However, that’s not the only topic Darren and Kristen will be sharing with you today. Darren eyes for a twist in The DK Project – in the next episodes, we’ll be...

Sep 22, 2021

Howard Bloom joins The DK Project to talk about his time as Michael Jackson's publicist during 1980s. Although Bloom grew up to be an aristocratic scientist who knew nothing about popular music, he became a journalist in the world of music and in 1976 founded one of the biggest publisher companies in the music industry...

Sep 13, 2021

Podcast Overview:

Do you ever experience someone’s fart and either smell like ketchup or onions? I know it sounds disgusting but hey It’s normal.

Definitely, that’s not going to be our topic for today.  Darren and Kristen have a Covid scare although are doing good, both healthy and CoVid free.

So, in this episode...

Sep 3, 2021

Podcast Overview:

Do you know want to know how Lisa Foiles landed with voice acting projects to transitioning to becoming a kid’s story writer?

In this episode of The DK Project Podcast, Kristen and I get the chance to hang with one and only Lisa Foiles. Let’s find out how she started her journey with everything she...