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The DK Project

Nov 19, 2020

DK almost has an accident on the way to the house has to make an emergency stop at Urgent care.  The boys discuss the Masters and the solid life of Dustin Johnson.  DK is watching Cobra Kai. Is Biden ready to be President? DK solves voter fraud problems.  

Nov 11, 2020

Presidential candidate Scott (Danger Mouse) calls in to report some corruption.  He gives some insight into the election.  Scott has some trouble with the St. Paul police.  Big story, really big news.   Mark Norman rewind from June 2019 don’t worry its covid free….


Happy Veterans Day to all who have served this...

Nov 4, 2020

Liz Priestley recently made her film debut as Idris Elba's wife Amahle in "Concrete Cowboys". An accomplished stage performer, she has appeared in over twenty-five theatre productions, as an actor, vocalist, violinist, pianist, and dancer.  Concrete Cowboy, Faithful

DarrenKVO Voice Over...

Oct 31, 2020


On this episode of The DK Project, the boys discuss voting lines, DK’s strange run-in with a 12-year-old.  DK takes a walk down memory lane to a camping incident and the OJ trial. Secrets to surviving the time change. DK considers a miniature Rolls Royce


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Oct 27, 2020

Shannan Wilson, zooms in today she's an actress, author, and songwriter, was born and raised in Houston, Texas. 


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