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The DK Project

Apr 30, 2020

Terry Pernsteiner drops in on the cast today. DK and Terry talk about ADHD, Covid, and stories hanging with football teams.  The boys do a deep dive into football players on and off the field.  Terry talks about his interactions on and off the field.   Part 1 of the adventure

Apr 20, 2020

The DK Project rolls on.  DK breaks down Siegfried and Roy's tiger attack.  The boys try to figure out new airport security. The Big Easy cuts his own hair

Apr 12, 2020

DK breaks the news the XFL is out.  Home projects, best Twins team and a while, Mike Tyson the weed farmer wants to buy a horse.  The boys break down the rockstar lifestyle.  DK takes a look at some Facebook posts.  DK has Big Easy play a version of the license plate game.  Marketing idea on pandy masks, and...

Apr 3, 2020

Big show today, The Big Easy has a run-in with fresh bathroom hands.  DK ventures out to Menards with his virus awareness kit.  DK tries his hand at Photoshop, Big Easy gives him the brush off on his first project.  The boys discuss the new Tag show and other strange gameshows.