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The DK Project

Dec 27, 2019

Ho Ho Ho!!! The boys talk Chrismas aftermath, DK gets a bible? DK comes to grips with his Sushi addiction.   Football Football Football, Bob Sansevere calls in for a bowl game update.

Dec 20, 2019

Whoa put your seat belt on this Christmas episode has a lot crammed into one show.   The boys talk a little Christmas, Dave does a restaurant review.   Don’t miss this crazy good time.  

Dec 17, 2019

The boy’s recap ol’ DK’s trip to Sothern California.  A little hockey talk with the current turmoil in local hockey. 

Dec 14, 2019

This is a sports, sports, sports packed show, Bob Sansevere calls in for some local sports updates.  The boys discuss the Gerrit Cole deal, Vikings and Gopher Football on New Year’s Day.  

Dec 6, 2019

The boys review the Turkey Day happenings and Dave reveals his closet urn collection.  The rumble at the Hockey rink (again). Don’t miss this comedy packed episode of the Project.